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the Role of Overhead Crane and Its Important Components

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Overhead crane is a type of heavy machinery with a wide range of applications. They are mainly used in industries such as steel, metallurgy and building materials, and have an important impact on the construction of cities and the development of industry and commerce. 

The overhead crane is mainly composed of three parts: machinery, metal structure and electrical. The mechanical part refers to the organization of lifting, running, luffing and rotating. The metal structure is equivalent to the body of a crane and is one of the most important parts of a crane. Electricity is the driving force of crane operation movement, and all electric organizations are independently driven.

The metal structure is composed of bridges, trolleys, etc. The bridge frame is composed of main beam, end beam, walking platform, guardrail and control room. The trolley consists of a frame and a railing. The mechanical transmission is composed of a hoisting mechanism, a cart operating mechanism and a trolley operating mechanism. The electrical part is composed of electrical circuits and electrical equipment.

The cart and trolley mechanism is called the working mechanism of the crane. The transmission system composed of the electric motor and the working machinery driven by it is the electric drive system of the electric motor. All parts of the crane must meet specifications. Only cranes assembled with parts that meet specifications can be used normally.

Every part of the crane is indispensable, and once any part is missing, it will completely lose the ability to work.


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