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single girder overhead crane

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The electric single beam crane mainly includes three operating mechanisms: lifting operation mechanism, truck operation mechanism, trolley operation mechanism. Among them, the lifting operation mechanism is mainly composed of electric hoist, wire rope, pulley, hook or spinner.
The metal structure of the electric single beam bridge crane is mainly composed of the main beam and the end beam.
The main girder structure is mostly the combination section of i-steel and steel plate, which is composed of cover plate, web plate and i-steel. Its safety and reliability directly affect the crane's operation quality and working ability.
Advantages of electric single beam crane:
1. Electric single beam crane in the installation and operation is very simple, so that users can learn to use mechanical equipment as soon as possible, so that we do not have to worry about the problem of learning not to use equipment, so as to bring a lot of convenience to people's life.
2. The electric single beam crane also has the advantages of compact structure and light weight, which can save a lot of space, so that users can obtain the greatest level of satisfaction.
3. Electric single beam crane also has the advantages of simple maintenance characteristics, can give users to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble, so that people can be more like it, love it.
According to the different main girder structure, bridge crane can be divided into single beam crane and double bridge crane, among which single beam bridge crane can be divided into artificial crane and electric crane.
Single beam bridge crane operation speed is slower than electric single beam bridge crane, improve the weight is also lower, but the machine quality is very small, brief production, low cost. The operation trolley of manual single-beam bridge crane is manual monorail trolley, and the hoisting organization is replaced by manual hoist. The bridge structure consists of main beam and end beam.
The operation speed of electric single beam bridge crane is higher than that of manual single beam bridge crane. Electric single beam crane is composed of bridge frame, trolley running organization, electric hoist and electrical equipment.


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