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preparations to be carried out before the bridge erecting machine works

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Launcher girder crane machine is a large-scale equipment dedicated to building bridges, and it is a type of large-scale crane. The safe and correct operation of the bridge erector can not only improve work efficiency, but also one of the important prerequisites for ensuring construction safety. Therefore, the bridge erecting machine should make absolute preparations before erecting the beams.

First of all, the bridge erecting machine must carefully complete the design of the construction scheme according to the specific conditions before erecting the beams, so that the beam erecting work is carried out in an orderly state. When preparing the construction organization design and construction plan, the girder erecting unit must also consider the preparation of a safety technical measure plan, and implement it together with the production plan.

Secondly, the staff involved in erecting beams should undergo safety technical training and assessment before taking up their jobs. All beamers entering the construction site shall wear safety protection equipment as required.

In short, all personnel involved in beam erection and operation of bridge erecting machines must have a strong sense of responsibility and professional technical capabilities, as well as a strong sense of safety.

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