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These are related to the Crane news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Crane and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Crane market.
  • In the use of cranes, it is inevitable that the moving parts will wear out, the connecting parts will be loose, the oil will decay, or the metal structure will corrode. These problems will cause the crane’s technical function, economic function and safety function to decline.


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  • The slip wire item, ordered by Pakistani customers was introduced by a third party. After receiving the balance payment, the product was shipped to the customer's port smoothly. Customers will receive the products in the near future and use them in their factories.


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  • Crane as a large working machinery, safety work is extremely important, not only to master the safety operation rules, ordinary maintenance is particularly important, a small accessories maintenance is also particularly important


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  • Overhead cranes are a commonly deployed equipment guarantee in the construction industry. They have the characteristics of wide coverage, high degree of application, and rapid spread in China's industrial system operation.


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  • There are not many cranes that we are exposed to in real life, but as a kind of construction machinery and equipment, it is currently receiving attention and welcome from many groups


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  • When the double beam crane reel is manufactured by welding method, its weight can be reduced by about 35-40%. Welded double beam crane reel is made of CR.3 steel.


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  • Due to its high mobility and hanging function, the mobile crane is widely used in various lifting and hanging work places, but it also has major occupational accidents due to short working hours, temporary operations, and frequent changes in position.


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  • With the development of science and technology, intelligence has become the mainstream trend of engineering machinery development. Moreover, intelligence has been waiting for a wide range of applications in various fields, which not only effectively improves work efficiency, but also reduces costs.


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  • Safety precautions to be taken when using bridge cranes:Bridge cranes are mechanical equipment that is used to lift various objects above the workshop, warehouse and open storage yards.


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  • The weather is getting hotter and hotter, many simple color steel plate houses on the construction site began to install high-power air conditioning. The heat is gone, but so is safety. Especially in summer, a short circuit in an air conditioning wire can ignite the whole color steel plate building,


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