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grab bucket double girder gantry crane

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MZ double girder gantry crane with grab is an ideal crane with high efficiency, a heavy duty working system and full functions.Its structure like a gantry frame, and two support legs installed linked with the two main beams, can travel on ground rail directly, a trolley with a grab traveling smoothly on the two beams.The crane girder has compact and beautiful design, it is of welded girder construction, excellent performance and high quality.

Applied the situation

This grab gantry crane is widely used in power plants, yards, workshops, bulk terminals and other granular material warehouses.The lifting equipment is electric grab; it can be used to capture granular materials, such as ore, sand, carbon stone, slag, coke, coal, loose clay, etc.

Conventional configurations

1) Cabin control and remote control

2) Wound rotor motor is used on each mechanism, changed speed by resistance.

3) Working ambient temperature is -20°C-45°C, it is not suitable for lifting blazing & toxicant as well as explosion-proof or insulating working conditions.

Other configurations user can choose

1)The wired ground control, continent for use and control

2) Fixing wireless remote control to realize the remote control.

3) Changing speed brake method: pole changing control, plug braking, dynamic braking, and frequency control and so on.

4) The other feasible configuration user proposes.
MZ 细节



Mechanism Item Unit Result

Lifting capacity ton 5-10
Lifting height m 10-20
Span m 18-35
 Working environment temperture °C -20~50
Speed Travelling Speed Cab m/min 49.4-50
Trolley 30.5-47
Lifting Speed 37-41
Working system
Power source
three-Phase 50HZ 380V

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