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explosion proof electric hoist

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  • Wire Rope
  • general use
  • 1-32t
  • 50m
  • 0.8-8m/min
  • Nanjing special motor
  • Include
  • Pendent Control or Remote Control
  • Stationary or Moveable

Explosion proof electric hoist is characteristic of small volume, light weight, high working efficiency. When workshop filled with explosive mixture, explosion-proof electric hoist is necessary and favorable equipment to improve labor conditions and labor productivity, and ensure safe premise. It can be suspended on I- beam track for straight or curve traversing, or mounted on a fixed frame to lift heavy materials.

This type explosion-proof electric hoists are applied in working places which have explosive gas mixture, which is formed by air and II A, II B, II C-class ,T1-T4 temperature group combustible gas or steam. The working environment temperature is-25°C~40°C, suitable for indoor use. If in outdoor use, it's need to add protective devices.

PA Mini Electric Hoist Features:

1. Compact and high efficient motor with heat protection device of our mini electric cable hoist.
2. Use Copper motor,big power and different voltage are available
3. Push button 24V low voltage to guarantee safety and limit switch system
4. Sensitive break system .Friction disk without asbestos
5. Choose precise process of high tensile helix gear working system to keep lower noise.
6. IP54 protection grade on electric hoist for prevent water and dust.
7. Fire stopper:Adjustable mechanical memory structure,high sensitivity    
8. Weight limiting stopper:preventing hook clashing the top, sensitive reaction.
9. Safe and durable, easy to install and debug.
10. Overload limiter:Preset related data according working condition,show accurate weight;value clearly.
11. Modular and low power design of micro electric rope hoist. 

Features and Advantages: 

-- Professional manufacturer
--High quality guaranteed by SGS inspection team
--quick response to your requirement and low 1 ton electric hoist price
--Competitive price because of self-owned factory
--We can delivery the chains in a short time

Safety device and component:

1. The emergency stop switch
2. Upper limit function
3. Thermal protection terminal
4. Protection class IP54
5. Insulation class B
6. Group of mechanisms M1
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