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electric magnet Gantry Crane

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  • MC

  • 0-15m
  • 5-15M/MIN
  • 20-40M/MIN
  • 30-50M/MIN
  • A5-A7
  • cabin control/wire rope remote control
  • IP54
  • F
  • request
  • 3 phase 380V 50hz or request

MC type electric magnet gantry crane is matched with trolley, this crane is a kind of track travelling midlight type crane, the capacity of this crane is from 5 to 300ton. The span of this crane is from 8m to 35m, the working temperature within -20℃ to 50℃.
MC type magnetic gantry crane is widely used in plants, warehouses, material stocks to lift goods. It is prohibited to use the equipment in the combustible, explosive or corrosive environment.
Features and Advantages: 
1. Having a professional engineer group. Designing what you want.
2. Designing a reasonable scheme according to your working environment.
3. Maximum lifting height.
4. Low noise, low cost maintenance, Ideal performance.
5. Safe and reliable operation.
Safety Device:
1. Overload Limiter; Limit Switch (Lifting and Traveling); Short-circuit protection.
2. Interlock protection device; Under-voltage protection; Buffer; Zero protection.
3. Rail tongs, Anchor device and Motor overload protection.
4. Rail clear plate and emergency stop system. 
5. Protective cover and current overload protection system.
6. Bus Bar prevent plate and security chain protection.
7. Anti-collision device and ground protection.



Mechanism Item Unit Result

Lifting capacity ton 5-300
Lifting height m 1-12
Span m 8-35
 Working environment temperture °C -20~50
Speed Travelling Speed Cab m/min 43
Trolley 36.3
Lifting Speed 12.2
Working system
Power source
three-Phase 50HZ 380V

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