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Saudi Arabia: An Order Become A New Partner


Hengyuan is honour to share our good news.One customer search us in Alibaba shop(https://hycrane.en.alibaba.com).The customer need to electric motor, so he sent us his requirements and communicate with our salesman in details online, including model number, frequency, efficiency, packaging details, weight and price etc.Through a overall understanding to our electric motor and service, the customer quickly place an order of two electric motors by letter in the form of a policy.Upon receipt of the goods, the customer is satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the motor.

 Recently, this customer has a new project and needs our products, so this customer placed an order directly.At the same time, the customer also expressed the hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with us.

 This is a friendly cooperation from the order to the partner, which represents the customer's great trust to us, we also express gratitude, with each time the quality of service and products back to the customer.At the same time, we look forward to more people to understand our business and products.

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