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Safety Devices
The production capacity ranked Top 3 on launcher girder crane area in China
A launcher girder crane is a device that places prefabricated beams on prefabricated piers. The launcher girder crane belongs to the category of cranes because its main function is to lift the beam and then transport it to the position and then lower it. DJ-type dual function Beam Erector is the company niche product, it has been developed for years. Improvement and enhancement to this product had made it more versatile and transform to a new generation of bridge erection machine.
Launching girder crane details
Application: Highway, High-speed way           Transverse Gradient: ≤±20‰
  • : Electric Trolley                 Control Method: Wireless remote or cab control  
  • : -25-45 °C                   Lifting Speed: 0-1m/min
Working Duty: A5- A7                                     Work Altitude: ≤2000m
Painting Color: As your demands                   Power Suplly Mode: Cable Drum or Line sliding

Bridge girder launcher crane advantages
1. Launching girder can accomplish the build of girders with carrying and erection at the same time.
2. The machine can erect 4 pieces of girders with the other two cranes one day.
3. The machine can continue to work just exchanging the front rear legs, no need extra assembly.
4. Unique honeycomb-girder structure, low deflection and high stiffness.
5. If the landing leg front and back is changed a little, it can erect the bridge in a reverse direction.
6. Unique pin connection and easy installation.
7. A-type fracture surface, continuous girder with low center of gravity, convenient and reliable.

Bridge girder erection crane safety devices
1. Overload Protection: If the material is over the capacity, the crane will give a sharp warning for protection itself.
2. Emergency Brake: If the operation staff  encounter some emergency situation, we could start the emergency brake system to protection the related treasure.
3. Control Method: Room control or remote control to avoid any injure to the operation staff
4. Main Lifting Motor: with thermal protection and currency protection.

Pneumatic Girder Gantry Crane

Pneumatic girder gantry crane is mainly designed for bridge erection engineering. It is used for lifting and conveying various materials needed for bridge construction.

Transportation Girder Vehicles
Transportation girder vehicle can meet the requirements of transporting large-tonnage concrete precast box beam. It can make short-distance transportations.
Main Girder
The main beam of the girder launching crane adopts a triangular truss structure, and the length of each main beam is not more than 12m.
Road and Bridge Lifting Trolley
The lifting trolley of girder launching crane is placed on the main beam in front and rear. It is the main lifting mechanism for the bridge girder launcher crane.
Hengshan crane has been exported to many countries within 60 years, we have mature production technology and rich export experience to provide you with the best packaging and delivery service.
Strong technical strength, with all kinds of professional and technical personnel and design, manufacturing team, advanced supporting production and testing equipment.
Crane girder: Nonwoven cloth. Main body packaged by high quality water-proof plastic woven cloths, spare parts are packed in high quality plywood box.
We can ship from Qingdao, Tianjin or Shanghai ports, producing 1500 sets per year, with strong supply capacity, fast and safe delivery.

Launcher Girder Crane Cases

Our engineers can go to the construction site to design a reasonable plan for you. Below is the construction site where we installed the bridge girder launcher crane abroad.

After Sales Service
We aim to provide sincere service to every customer, you can leave us a message if you want to get a free product inquiry at any time.
Warranty Service
Provide two-year quality warranty service. We offer customized maintenance plan, and carry out regular inspection and cleaning machine components, security testing, operation of lubrication.
Engineer Guide Installation
Our engineers provide on-site instructional installation and provide free operational training services for workers to improve safety during production and construction operations.
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