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Which cranes are suitable for plant operations

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Hoisting machinery is a kind of equipment that can move up and down and laterally to help lift materials. It is widely used in various workshops.

The space of the plant is relatively narrow, and the beams and other structures of the plant can be used as the tripod of the crane. Therefore, the practical plant cranes are generally overhead cranes, gantry cranes and electric hoists.

The overhead crane can be horizontally erected over the workshop, and carry out the lifting of materials through the horizontal and vertical load operation. The two ends of the overhead crane are placed on the concrete column or the metal beam of the factory building, and the whole machine is in the air.

At both ends of the bridge frame of the overhead crane, longitudinal rails are installed to enable the crane to move longitudinally. This can make better use of the space under the bridge to lift heavy objects and avoid obstacles on the ground. Overhead cranes are currently the most widely used and the largest number of lifting equipment on the market.

Gantry crane is an improvement based on the overhead crane, which can be used in material yards and other places outside the factory to load and unload goods. The metal structure of gantry crane is similar to a door frame, with a foot at both ends of the main beam, which can carry out load movement on the ground track. Both ends of the main beam also have the function of extending cantilever beams. Because of the advantages of gantry cranes such as site utilization, larger operating radius and better versatility, it has been widely used in some ports and factories.

Electric hoist is one of the simplest lifting equipment. It can be used alone or in combination with gantry and overhead cranes. Electric hoist has the advantages of small size and light weight. It is common in industrial and mining enterprises, factories and materials yards.

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