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What problems should the gantry crane pay attention to during the disassembly process?

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The gantry crane is mainly used in large-scale sites such as port terminals, logistics and transportation. Since it is like a door after installation, it is also called “gantry crane”. I believe everyone knows about the installation of the gantry crane. Then let’s talk about it. Some information about the gantry crane disassembly.
1. When removing the gantry crane with trolley, it must be removed in strict accordance with the working procedures of the guide. When the staff finds that there is a need for change in the disassembly process, it needs to report to the chief engineer for approval before proceeding.
2. The construction personnel must hold relevant qualification certificates to understand the relevant management system and related safety work procedures.
3. The hoisted wire rope must meet the requirements of no excessive defects such as broken wire and abrasion.
4. The tools used to disassemble the gantry cranes need to be carefully checked. The power tools of the workers must comply with the relevant product quality standards. They must be equipped with a leak-proof soft rubber cable protector and a good grounding umbrella.
5. The staff of the workshop must wear work clothes during working hours, and must not wear plastic bottom or shoes with poor slip resistance.
6. All work tools used in high-altitude work should be tied to the anti-fall rope and seat belt. The staff must fix the seat belt on themselves.
7. During the process of dismantling, the staff must concentrate on preventing the catching, stepping on the air and so on.
8. The bundling work of the crane must be directed to the individual to be responsible for the inspection, and can not be ignored, to ensure that the certificate is safe.
9. When the electric gantry crane is about to be lifted, non-workers must be removed around the cargo to prevent unnecessary personal injury.
10. After the main beam is lifted, all employees must stick to their jobs and must not leave without permission.
The above is some problems that the mobile gantry crane needs to pay attention to during the disassembly process. The installation is installed from the bottom up, and the disassembly danger is higher than the installation, so we must read the article carefully to ensure our own life safety.

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