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What happens during the use of the bridge girder launcher crane?

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The influence of ambient temperature is also one of the important factors. The construction of bridge girder launcher crane should control the pre-bend according to the design requirements. The height of the top of the track on both sides of the bridge's longitudinal running track needs to be level and balanced. 1. Middle and rear legs need to run horizontally, and the spacing is strictly controlled. The four tracks must be parallel.
2. Unreasonable use of overload lifting has a large impact on the deformation of the main beam.
3. Improper repair of air cutting and welding on the bridge will cause serious deflection of the main beam. Pay special attention to changing the trolley track.
4. The influence of internal stress of the structure, because the box-type main beam is a welded structure, local heating during welding causes the metal to shrink and reproduce, resulting in residual forces, and the manufacturing process is not suitable to generate large internal stress, if any The web of the main beam was not cut in accordance with the arch requirements. The crown of the main beam is obtained by thermal deformation of the flame or by controlling the assembly welding process.

Points to note when using an overhead bridge crane:
1. For each part and component, including each chain of the chain, the chain hoist above the bridge machine must be checked in detail and kept in good condition. Precautions for use
2. The bridge chain hoist must not be overloaded during use.
3. Chain crane lifting chains need to hang heavy loads vertically. There must be no wrong buttons between the chain links.
4. When the chain hoist pulls the bracelet, the zipper direction must be on the same plane as the bracelet sprocket.
5. It is strictly forbidden to pull cables, buy cranes, and specialize in manufacturing bridge crane manufacturers.
6. When pulling, make sure that the beam machine avoids jumping chains or chains. When you find it difficult to pull, you must check the cause in time, do not allow hard pull, and do not allow increasing the force to avoid the chain or pin breaking. Bridge hoist
7. When using a tripod, the triangles must be kept at a relative distance, and the rope should be used for contact between the two feet. When touching the rope to the ground, care should be taken to prevent bridge workers from mixing.
8. The lifting height should not exceed the standard value to prevent the chain from breaking the needle and causing accidents.

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