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What are the safety electricity regulations for cranes in construction projects?

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  1. Installation of crane electrical equipment,it shall comply with the current national standard "code for construction 

    and acceptance of electric devices of cranes for installation of electrical devices".

  2. The length of crane power cable shall meet the technical requirements of the product.

  3. Near the rail crane power cable channel release should be clean, Other equipment, materials and sundries shall not be piled up.

  4. The automatic winding device of rail crane must be flexible and reliable. Cables shall not be dragged on the ground.

  5. Medium and small crane or its vicinity, should be equipped with a power off switch

  6. The power cables of hoisting machines should be inspected frequently and maintained by special personnel when necessary.

  7. Without the approval of relevant personnel, the electrical equipment and wiring methods on the crane shall not be changed at will.

  8. The electrical equipment on the crane shall be inspected regularly and any defect found shall be dealt with promptly. No electrical maintenance shall be carried out during hoisting.

  9. The maintenance and trial operation of crane electrical equipment shall be carried out with the cooperation of other professionals.

  10. The lightning protection and grounding of  crane shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard "safety rules for tower crane"  and the requirements of product technology, and the grounding shall be reliable. Good electrical access should be ensured when natural grounding is used.

  11. A set of ground connecting devices shall be installed at both ends of the track of the rail crane. When the track is long, a set of ground connecting devices shall be installed at every 20m interval.

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