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What are the requirements for lifting drivers?

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      1. The lifting driver should receive the safety education and training before entering the post and pass the examination. The standard is to wear personal protective equipment and operate the designated lifting mechanism.
      2. Check the lifting equipment, personnel position, signal transmission, etc. before lifting work. The work must be concentrated and it is strictly forbidden to do nothing.
      3. The lifting operation must be stable and uniform. It is strictly forbidden to freely descend, suddenly change speed, change direction or rush to open emergency stop, it is strictly forbidden to lift heavy objects in the air for a long time.
      4. The driver should perform the“stop signal”from anyone at any time.
      5. The splint of the fixed wire rope should be on the side of the wire rope. The spacing of the rope clamp should not be less than 6 times the diameter of the wire rope, and the wire rope is strictly prohibited to be tied with hanging materials.
      6. The lifting point of the crane hook is to be in the same vertical line as the center of gravity of the hanging object, so that the hanging object is in a stable equilibrium state.
      7. When lifting with two or more points, the number of slings should be consistent with the number of hanging points, and the properties of the materials, structural dimensions and fixed ends of the cable ends should be the same for each sling.
      8. The boom expansion and contraction shall be carried out according to the prescribed procedure. When the arm is extended, the hook shall be lowered, the load telescopic boom shall not be carried. After the boom is extended, the amplitude shall not be less than the elevation angle specified by each length.
      9. Strictly implement "no lifting" in lifting and lifting operations.
     (1) unclear signal command is not allowed to hang,

     (2) slanting and slanting are not allowed to be hung,

     (3) it is not allowed to lift the object with unknown weight or overload,
     (4) loose goods are not tied tightly, not stacked neatly or not allowed to hang upon completion of loading and unloading of materials,

     (5) no one is allowed to hang on the hanging object,

     (6) objects buried underground shall not be hung,

     (7) not allowed to hang when the safety device fails or is sick,
     (8) the lifting point of the lifting object is not allowed to be lifted if the scene is too dark to see clearly,
     (9) it is not allowed to lift the edge edge in direct contact with the wire rope without protective measures,
    (10) in case of thunderstorm, strong wind, heavy snow, fog and other bad weather is not allowed to hang.

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