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What are the general operating rules for bridge crane drivers?

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  1. The driver shall understand the construction, performance, working principle and main technical parameters of the crane,and they should master the function and correct operation of its safety device.Apprentices and trainers must operate the crane under the supervision of full-time drivers. Single person is not allowed to operate.

  2. The driver should look around during his operation,and pay attention to the surroundings.It is forbidden to drive too fast. When approaching the same-span crane or someone on the heavy-duty running line, a warning signal must be issued to ensure safety.

  3. The driver has the right to refuse any person's illegal command, but the emergency stop signal sent by any person must be executed.

  4. When lifting heavy objects,driver should first lift about 200mm to verify that the brake is sensitive and reliable.When objects leave the ground more than 2 meters ,trolley are allowed to started.

  5. Trolley should approach the end slowly. Under normal circumstances, it is prohibited to hit the safety stop. It is forbidden to stop the trolley with limit device.

  6. It is forbidden to lift dangerous goods,such as inflammable and explosive objects. Oxygen cylinder and acetylene bottle must be carried by special lifting cage,and their mixture are not allowed to lift. 

  7. During maintenance,trolley must be stopped at the safety inspection position.The driver should follow the instructions of the maintenance workers, and no haphazard power supply is allowed.When starting any work system, the driver must be present.Before testing the trolley according to the regulations,all personnel should evacuate to safe positions.

  8. When crane in operation, if encounter unexpected power outage and the objects hanging in mid-air, or major equipment accident, injury and accident,except for the special circumstances,  the driver shall stop the trolley and notify the monitor immediately .The driver shall not leave the spot to await instructions .

  9. Anyone who get aboard the bridge crane should contact the driver first . And people can close to the trolley only when it is stopped in the parking lot. Crossing from one car to another is strictly prohibited. Clean the equipment and check the running condition of each mechanism before shift.

  10. Drivers should implement the shift system seriously.Check the operation of the machines and the state of safety devices, etc. And the two parties shall leave the workplace only after they have signed the agreement. Leaving the trolley without the presence of the driver of the next shift is forbidden.

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