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What are the characteristics of electric hoist accessories

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Metallurgical electric hoist, on the basis of CD1, MD1 electric hoist specially designed for metallurgical, lifting work of molten metal electric hoist, operating grade M6. The data of each part of metallurgical electric hoist has advanced level and each part has its particularity. If the forward chain is used at 200 ambient temperature, the tensile strength will not decrease.
The data of each part of metallurgical electric hoist has advanced level and each part has its particularity. Without the use of lifting chains at 200 ambient temperatures, the tensile strength does not decrease. Metallurgical electric hoist is a kind of hoisting equipment with high quality alloy steel lifting chain. Motor equipment for metallurgical electric hoist: motor insulation grade F, cast-aluminum shaped housing, connection to external cooling fan for high frequency applications.
Brake equipment plays a role in metallurgical electric hoist: in addition to having an attractive rotor brake planned together, a mechanical brake type conflict clutch with safety braking function is supplied. Limit switch application: with double limit function, upper and lower limit switch, hammerhead limit switch. Conflicting clutches work: when the load exceeds the rated load, the conflicting clutches will prevent damage to the chain hoist.
If the limit switch (heavy hammer, upper and lower limit) fails, the conflict clutch action will avoid damage to the chain electric hoist. The metallurgical electric hoist has the service life requirement: it can reach the M6 operation level, so the service life of this ring chain electric hoist is long. Space saving, easy to change the structure: the minimum hook distance, the total volume is small, can be set in a small space. Forward height briefly changed. Given that it is set to the new use orientation, it is convenient to change the structure (forward height/rail width, etc.). This metallurgical special ring chain electric hoist is most suitable for lifting molten metal. Is a high quality, light weight, sensitive operation, reliable function, wide range of applications of special chain electric hoist.


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