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What are the Features of a European Style Single Girder Crane?

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When it comes to lifting equipment, it it inevitable to mention single girder crane. As a type of single beam crane, European style single girder crane not only the common features of single girder crane, it also has its own specific advantages and features. Hengyuan Group has rich lifting equipment manufacturing experience, and we will introduce the basic features of single girder crane as the listed:

1. Our European style single girder adopts low clearance design, which can effectively increase the transportation space and the unique C structure. In addition, its lifting speed can be adjusted from 0 to 45m every minutes, which is very convenient and helpful for most of lifting sites and works.

2. It has stable starting, smooth running, good mute effect, no impact and low working noises.

3. Our single girder crane has low failure rate, which can reduce maintenance costs to a great extent, and the service life of our single girder over is up to 30 years.

4. It adopts European optimization design, which not only light weight, but also has powerful working. Moreover, it adopts programming lifting limit, which can realize comprehensive protection and IP55 protection, and it can reduce the harm of the equipment to the least.

5. Our crane is equipped with hardened reducer, which has high bearing capacity and long service life. Besides that, it also adopts auto-adjustable brakes, which can save lots manual works than other types of cranes. 

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