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What advantages does the girder launcher crane show in use?

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Bridge girder launcher crane is short for bridge erecting machine. The advantage of gantry type rigid frame is outstanding. Lightweight structure, good wind resistance. In order to save labor, this method is often used in bridge construction. The bridge erection machine is composed of gantry, hoist trolley, trolley running mechanism, driver's cab and electrical control system. The portal frame is a truss structure, including main beam, upper beam, supporting leg, lower beam, trolley, railing, etc.
The supporting tools of the bridge erection beam launcher machine are two supports, which can be used normally without too large an area. Adaptable and can be used in many situations. The bridge girder launcher crane is actually an extension of the bridge crane. Although the appearance is different, it is very convenient to lift heavy objects, reducing the cost and time.
If you have an outdoor yard and need to load and unload cargo, you can also use a bridge builder. Operation scope can meet your needs and complete tasks faster.
Launcher girder crane is a kind of lifting equipment used in loading and unloading operations. The hook is an important part of the lifting mechanism and falling object of the bridge erection machine. Once the hook appears the problem, will cause the suspension to fall, has the serious accident. Today, let's take a quick look at what caused the hook hanger to fall.
The design is not standard, such as overload protection failure, balance wheel, shaft strength is not enough, no anti-decoupling device, sling, rope selection is not reasonable, otherwise it can not be replaced in time, lack of necessary safety protection, maintenance is not in place. Abnormal operation, resulting in loss of control of movement, damage to parts or structures, abnormal safety. The detection of environmental factors such as high dust, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, high noise, windy days and poor lighting will distract people's attention, directly affect workers' reactivity and technical stability, increase the probability of misoperation and reduce work efficiency. Improper operation caused the accident.
Including safety awareness levels; Implement crane management, inspection and regular safety performance inspection; Conduct safety education and training for relevant personnel; Conduct special training for crane operators, formulate crane safety operation rules and regulations; Establish reward and punishment system for violation of regulations, emergency plan for accidents, normal use of hoisting equipment and hoisting accessories. Inspection lack of effective monitoring and management. Any negligence or inadequacy in safety management is an important cause of the casualties of bridge erecting launcher cranes.

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