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Warehouse Crane

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Warehouse is a place for storing products or accessories. And the crane setting here always help us to lift them more easily, so you should choose the right crane with suitable model, that is we, Henan Hengyuan Crane Machinery Group Co., Ltd., which is the senior crane manufacturer, providing virous type to meet workshop lifting.

Single Beam Overhead Crane(LD type):

It's characterized by Reasonable structure, High rigidity and Low cost. Pendent control and Remote control are optional according to your demands. According to the working environment, this type crane will be designed as Suspension type, Explosion-proof type, Manual Operational type.

Double Beam Overhead Crane(LH type):

This type have a bigger working duty than single beam ones. If your workshop needs a harder working crane for use, this is a better choice. Our group have ourself design concept at this type, which according to European standard with features of compact design, energy conservation, soft start motor, easy to install and maintenance, etc. 

General Type Overhead Crane(QD type):

As another type of double girder overhead crane, General Type Overhead Crane QD Typehas a heavy working duty and bigger capacity than LH type, which could beyond 320t. Generally, the cranes are cabin control. The working class of such cranes are heavy and medium duty (A5-A7), suitable for heavy industry and severe working environment with Good performance, High efficiency and flexible. If your warehouse need lift huge or weight more than 30t goods, QD type crane will be best for you.


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