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Under what circumstances double beam overhead crane equipment prohibited lifting

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Double beam overhead crane equipment is suitable for a variety of occasions, but in some special circumstances, the equipment is not allowed to put into use, the result of determined operation is a potential safety hazard. We have been emphasizing the safety of cranes, so these must be mastered.

Double beam bridge crane equipment start in addition to the operator, but also have to have the cooperation of the command personnel, if no command must not start lifting. Even if the equipment has been intelligent and automated in this respect, there is no need for manual control, but if the corresponding command signal is not correct, you cannot lift the cargo without authorization.

The equipment if there is a quality problem is not allowed, whether there is a defect or installation device failure, can not be put into use double-beam bridge crane equipment. Overload lifting for double-beam bridge crane equipment also has a certain risk, so this situation should not be lifted; Even if all is well, the operation is prohibited if someone is standing on or under a crane in dark conditions.

Double girder overhead crane equipment manufacturing standards there are many, such as the Russian standard, the European standard and so on, the traditional double beam bridge crane equipment is used is the former standard, and to the latter for the manufacturing standard of double beam bridge crane equipment is collectively referred to as the European double beam bridge crane equipment. The difference between the two is apparent from the outside, not to mention from the outside.

The main girder of europe type double beam bridge crane equipment mainly adopts box beam structure, because the strength is definitely better; Moreover, the calabash is firmly combined with the lower flange of the main girder, which is not only effective in each big lifting height, but also more safe. But the traditional double-beam bridge crane equipment structure no matter which aspect of the design, is the traditional way, so not only low utilization rate, security is not guaranteed.

Although the size, volume and weight of european style overhead crane equipment are relatively small, it can reduce the height of the new plant with the driving height, and has the characteristics of good wind resistance and stable operation. These aspects mentioned above are due to the traditional double-beam bridge crane equipment. In terms of economy, the power consumption of the whole machine of European double-beam bridge crane equipment is relatively small, so the power consumption is very effective, plus its failure rate is relatively low, so it can also save a lot of maintenance costs; Traditional double-beam bridge crane equipment is just the opposite, not only high power consumption, but also easy product maintenance costs.

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