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Two Main Types of Tower Crane in General Use

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1. Self Erect Tower Crane 

This is a tower crane that is designed to be easily and rapidly transported and erected. Some of them carry their own generator and are therefore completely self contained. 

2. Assisted Erect Tower Crane 

This type of tower crane is usually larger with a greater lifting capacity than the Self Erect. Its design calls for it to be builton site, piece by piece, often with the assistance of a mobile crane, hence its name ‘Assisted Erect’.

Both types of tower crane can be found in operation with a variety of jib configurations, all designed to provide a specifictype of lifting service to sites where the lifting requirements and the environment produce different demands. 

The two types of basic jib design are: 

1. Horizontal Jib

This jib takes the form of a simple structure extending from the tower, along which a trolley can travel, carrying the hoist rope and hook assembly to vary radii. 

2. Luffing Jib 

The luffing jib has no trolley, the variation of hook radii is achieved by altering the jib angle, the same as with a mobile crane. 

More detailed information on these crane and jib types can be found by reading the following pages. 


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