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Transformation of semi gantry crane

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Double girder overhead crane for semi gantry crane which aspects of effective transformation

The original semi gantry crane has some shortcomings that need to be improved, after the appropriate transformation of its various aspects, whether its performance or service life has been significantly improved than before, half gantry crane application scope has also expanded a lot. What aspects of the semi gantry crane have been reformed?
First of all, the original cab of the semi-gantry crane is replaced by a lengthened cab, and the ac CAM control box is changed to the linkage control console, so that the operator only needs to control 1-2 mechanisms at the same time or separately through a handle, which greatly improves the operating conditions.
Secondly, the model of the two protective control cabinets of the semi-gantry crane originally placed on the bridge platform was changed, and they were moved to the driver's room at the same time, which fundamentally improved the working environment of the electrical control cabinet. The contactors in the equipment are all changed to TB type ac contactors and RC protection coil is added to ensure the safety of the device.
At the same time, the main hook eddy current speed regulating controller of the semi-gantry crane is transformed into a digital eddy current speed regulating system with simple line and reliable action. Some other details such as lifting steel wire rope replacement for galvanized steel wire rope, on this basis also fill the parts of the rain cover, updated the hook assembly, relaid electrical control with wire, threading pipe, do full protective measures.
In the semi gantry crane there are a lot of metal components and mechanical parts, in order to prevent the occurrence of rust, corrosion of the bad phenomenon, also take advantage of the transformation of its thorough derusting and paint, and derusting quality reached the surface sandblasting no visible grease, dirt, oxide skin, rust and paint coating.

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