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The differential of gear position in speed regulating process of bridge crane

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For most of the existing electric single girder overhead cranes, the speed regulation is controlled by a motor, which realizes the smooth adjustment of the speed of the electric single-beam cranes. And electric single beam bridge crane is used to have a stage speed regulation, that is, the speed will be divided into several blocks, the motor in accordance with the different speed start running.
In the whole process, each speed instruction is given by the four-gear main command controller, which is specifically summarized as the lifting system is the fourth gear for ascending operation, the fourth gear for descending operation, the fourth gear for low speed, the second gear for medium speed, the third gear for medium speed, and the fourth gear for high speed. Of course, also useful when the third block command, so the block is vulgar, the second block for medium speed, the third block for high speed.
In addition to the stepless speed regulation, the electric single-beam bridge crane can also achieve stepless speed regulation, because its digital speed regulation device has an analog input channel, receiving the continuously changing speed given signal, and make the corresponding action.
Electric single beam crane is one of the large mechanical equipment in modern container port. Its operation brings convenience to people. Some users have not paid attention to this aspect of the electric single beam crane, need to give you a supplement here.
As an important port equipment, electric single beam crane has the characteristics of wide range of flexible deployment, high space utilization rate, high productivity and full yard mobility. However, most of the equipment USES diesel generator sets to provide power for the whole machine, so whether it is the cost of construction, maintenance or energy consumption, there are disadvantages of pollution.
According to statistics, the energy consumption per standard box of equipment operation is 1.2-2.2 liters of diesel. In order to change this situation, the electric single-beam crane has been improved, so that the power will become the main energy consumption in the production process. And as the equipment has become lighter, energy consumption has been saved.
In any case, the electric overhead crane in the quality and standards are also related to the management regulations, the compliance of these regulations can ensure the standardization of the development of the entire industry, at the same time can fundamentally prevent the occurrence of some problems. There are many types of electric single beam bridge cranes, and each one plays a different function, so can not be installed at will, so as not to cause safety hazards.
Electric single beam crane is also known as a light and small overhead crane, with the characteristics of light and portable, the future demand for electric single beam crane will certainly continue to rise, and there will be more electric single beam crane manufacturers to participate in it.

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