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The difference and connection between electric chain hoist and electric wire rope hoist

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The difference and connection between electric chain hoists and electric wire rope hoists are not known to many users. Therefore, when purchasing electric hoists, they will be very confused. I don’t know which electric hoist and wire rope electric hoist should be bought. I don't know when I purchased wire rope electric hoist, CD, MD wire rope electric hoist and micro electric hoist, hoist and multi-function hoist, etc., I feel at a loss when shopping. Now, the mini electric hoist manufacturer Libang lifting professional technicians here is the wonderful difference between the electric chain hoist and the electric wire hoist:
The difference between wire rope electric hoist and electric chain hoist:
The tonnage of the chain is small (fixed, running and ultra-low-altitude are light, the weight is generally 0.125 tons -3 tons, the non-standard large tonnage ring chain weight is 5 tons -60 tons), the speed is slow and not adjustable;
Since the tonnage is relatively small, the lifting height is 3-120 meters (the general lifting height of the electric hoist is 3-30 meters);
The wire rope has a large tonnage, fast and adjustable;
The wire rope is bulky and the chain is small in volume;
The wire rope electric hoist has a higher working level than the electric chain hoist;
In terms of product performance and accessories, the life of the wire rope electric hoist is much shorter than that of the electric chain hoist. (the difference between 6-8 months and 10 years);
As far as the mechanics principle is concerned, the winding direction of the chain on the sprocket can be set arbitrarily, the flexibility is high, and the structure is reasonable, and this is one of the reasons for the small overall volume of the chain hoist;
The mechanical conversion device is different: the electric chain hoist is driven by the sprocket to drive the lifting chain to complete the lifting operation, and the wire rope electric hoist is driven by the reel to carry out the lifting operation;
Wire rope electric hoist and electric chain hoist contact:
The same belongs to the electric hoist, which is a kind of lifting equipment combined with lifting and walking. The structure of the two is basically the same;
The lifting parts of the two are composed of three parts: a conical rotor motor at one end, the power is transmitted to the other end of the reducer through the spline sleeve and the transmission shaft, and the power is reduced and then transmitted to the middle wire rope reel ( The reel is responsible for converting the rotary motion into a vertical motion. The lifting operation is carried out by a wire rope and a hook, and the motor has a braking function.
The main body of the electric hoist is hung on the walking trolley, and the trolley is driven to work in the lower position of the I-beam of the crane girders. The trolley is simple in construction and is a small conical rotor motor that is driven by a small reduction gearbox to drive the walking wheel.
The construction of the electric chain hoist is similar.

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