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The Technical Characteristics of Shipbuilding Gantry Crane

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MG shipbuilding gantry crane has extensive application in modern ports and harbors, which can greatly reduce labor work and reduce heavy goods transferring time. Generally speaking, shipbuilding gantry crane has multi-function, high working efficiency and easy operation, which applies to large boat, ship and yacht transportation and turning operations.

The main technical characteristics of shipbuilding gantry crane:

1. It has the function of single lifting, double lifting and air level micro rotating.

2. We offer single girder and double girder shipbuilding gantry crane for sale, and the main beam adopts variable cross section optimization design, which is very reasonable and appropriate.

3. The door frame rigid leg can be equipped with single and double column type with users practical requirements.

4. The trolley is equipped with double main hooks, which are respectively arranged on the two lateral beam, which is totally safe and effective.

5. The trolley is suspended under the main beam, which can also be equipped with double hooks.

6. The upper and lower trolley can undergo cross work with each other.

7. all the lifting mechanism and the operation mechanism adopts frequency control.

8. There is rotary arm maintenance crane beside the rigid leg to make the maintenance work easier.

9. For the convenience of drivers and maintenance personnel, there is an elevator boarding arranged inside the rigid leg.

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