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The Selection Attention of Electric Hoist

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As a lifting equipment, the safety of electric hoist is the most important thing that we should consider, which requires us to buy high quality electric hoist, so we must strictly consider the quality of electric cable hoists. The quality of the electric hoist is generally judged from the hoist origin, production material, electric hoist type, brand and price. Specifically, users should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. The lifting height

To fit specific working environment, users often has strict requirement about the lifting height of electric hoist, and it is necessary to purchase the electric hoist based on users requirements.

2. The lifting speed

The general lifting speed of electric hoist is divided into single speed and double speed, and users often choose CD single speed overhead crane. However, users may choose double speed overhead crane if the working speed need to be frequently changed under some circumstances and special construction sites, which can improve working efficiency while satisfy lifting demand.

3. Motor power

Hengyuan Group can customize your own electric hoist with required motor.

4. Voltage

Electric hoist is often used in different working sites and factories, and there are different power supply standard, such as 220V, 440V, 380V and so on.  

5. Installation

Electric hoist can be divided into electric trolley type and fixed type, and users should choose specific electric hoist for your installation based on your actual situation.

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