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The Safe Operation Tips of Lifting Crane

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There are many types of cranes available in the market, which includes overhead crane, gantry crane, portal crane, tower crane, lifting platform, jib crane and so on. It is vital and necessary to master the basic operation attention of all types of cranes before lifting tasks. We will basically analyze it as listed:

1. Before starting, users should carefully inspect the mechanical equipment, electrical parts and door safety device, which should be reliable and in good condition. The lifting work is strictly prohibited if the controller, brake, limiter, bell and emergency switch accessories can not work well.

2. Operators should listen to the signal and command of officer, and they should stop lifting immediately if there is shutdown signal. The driver must start working after confirming the command signal, and the bell should be rung before driving.

3. No goods shall be suspended in the air during work stop. In operation, there should have none people on the ground when dropping the crane, and if so, they should ring the bell loudly.

4. When lifting heavy weight goods, operators should test the lifting at first to ensure that the suspension is stationary and the brake is good. Then, users should rises it and run it slowly. The three control handles are not allowed to operate at the same time.

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