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The Routine Inspection of Hengyuan Gantry Crane for Sale

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Gantry crane for sale is mainly used in port, harbor, railway freight and logistic transportation works, which is featured by simple structure, reliable performance, high quality and stable operation. Routine inspection of fixed gantry crane is very necessary and important, which basically consists of the checking of machine quality maintenance, installation accuracy and the main technical conditions.

Firstly, users should check the conditions of main parts of 1 ton gantry crane, such as the main girders, electric parts, trolley, running tracks and so on. It is important to note that users should carefully to measure the mechanical thickness to estimate the corrosion condition of the machine. If there is any corrosion, users should undergo daily maintenance and paint the surface of the gantry crane for sale strictly to protect the yard gantry crane.

Secondly, crack is often caused by improper operation in the daily production, which is easily to be ignored in the maintenance process. Therefore, users should especially pay attention to the examination of cracks. Once found, correspondent measures should be taken to remedy it.
At last, users should strictly obey the working level of the motorized gantry crane, and it it inadvisable to frequently apply the equipment to sites that has higher working class than it. All in all, daily maintenance is very necessary with early discovery and timely remedy. Contact us at any time if there is any requirements.

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