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The Purpose and Function of Crane Maintenance

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In the use of cranes, it is inevitable that the moving parts will wear out, the connecting parts will be loose, the oil will decay, or the metal structure will corrode. These problems will cause the crane’s technical function, economic function and safety function to decline. Therefore, in order to prevent and eliminate hidden dangers and ensure that the crane is always in normal operation, the crane should be maintained and maintained before the wear of the crane parts has reached the level that affects the failure of the crane.

Do crane maintenance and repair, can play a role as follows:

1. Ensure that cranes often have outstanding technical functions, make each organization work normally and reliably, and improve its integrity and utilization rate.

2. Ensure that the crane has an outstanding use function, strengthen the maintenance of structural components, and meet the requirements of normal use of the crane.

3. Comply the national environmental protection standards.

4. Reasonably and effectively extend the service life of cranes.


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