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The Operation Preparations of Hengshan Gantry Crane

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Gantry crane is a hot product of Henan Hengyuan Crane Machinery Group, and Hengshan gantry crane for sale adopts advanced scientific technology, which is well-known for its competitive price and high availability. To help users operate the machine safely and smoothly, users must inspect the equipment carefully before operation.

1.Before using, users should conduct a comprehensive test of the working condition of brakes, hooks, wire rope and other safety device. If there is any abnormal situation, the maintenance personnel should solve the problem immediately.

2.Operator should check the performance of the braking system to operate the crane smoothly. The crane should raise the materials to the height of 0.5 meters, and then put the material down. If the braking system is reliable, operators can start the crane by now.

3.The operating personnel should ring the alarming system under the following circumstances. First, users should send an alarm when lifting and landing heavy goods.  Second, the operator should give a evident warning when the route of crane is beyond the driver's vision. Then, operators should give a warning when the crane nears to the operation rail of another to avoid collision. At last, operators should give a warning when there are people around the lifting materials, and they should restart operation when the non-related personal are in safe condition.

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