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The Main Operation Precautions of Gantry Crane for Sale

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Fixed gantry crane is a kind of deformation of overhead crane, which mainly applies to port, outdoor yards, goods and bulk cargo. It's like a metal door frame structure, and the landing legs are installed under the main beam, which can walk directly in the ground tracks. In addition, the moving span of fixed gantry crane can be extended at both ends of the main beam with cantilever beams. Indoor gantry crane often has high efficiency, large operation range, high adaptability, strong commonality and low labor involvement.

Hengyuan Group is a professional gantry crane manufacturer in China, and we offer many types of 10 ton gantry crane for sale. To help our customers operate the device well, we will basically introduce the main operation precautions of gantry crane as listed:

1. It is forbid to overload material under any circumstances, and the workload shall not exceed 500kg to avoid the harm of the device and other accident.

2. The lifting height shall not too high from the ground, and its height should be half a person high or so. If the lifting works need to across over certain objects, operators should be careful to avoid collide.

3. Operator should undergo careful examination of all switches, buttons and wire rope limits, and if there is any problem, users should timely repair it before operation.

4. In the lifting process, users should be totally concentrated, and they should focus on the operating switches. It is not allowed to chat, eat and other non-related activities. 

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