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The Instruction for Grab

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Uses in front of this grab in you to be supposed to read the instruction for use carefully and to understand the request completely, the installment and the maintenance, avoids appearing the undesirable tendency occurrence.

1.Before the use, removes the grab to fight an in fixed block (fixed block to suppose for transportation convenience)

2.Installs when supports the steel wire and the closed steel wire must be at the free state of equilibrium.

3.Various spots oil hole is whether unimpeded, before the use the note full lubricating oil, in front of the operator class pours one time the lubricating oil, each week makes an inspection maintenance.

4.Each connection spot and firm firmware whether becomes less crowded (must screw tight).

5.According to the hoist crane carrying capacity load, the data book subject matter material proportion, chooses the grab earnestly the volume and the type, whether suits uses this grab, if captures the material the proportion to surpass this grab to capture the material the proportion, this grab cannot use, the responsibility is proud.

6.According to field use peculiar circumstance, for example: The material ground line gradient, is the basin shape (vertical or parallel king post), the basin water temperature, the basin ash perhaps the mud, whether the material high temperature (above 500 degrees), the material granularity, material corrosiveness, the sewer work whether brings the water pore, to grasp the massive material whether brings the tooth ......Must accurately provide the material and the material proportion which the field use situation and grasps, otherwise, all consequences are proud.

7.This company instruction booklet is passes through the earnest checkup, like has the questionable point, the omission and the relentless place, please with our company technical department, sales outlet relation.

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