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The Installation Attention of Crane

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Crane is a kind of mechanical and electrical equipment that is used for vertical and horizontal lifting of heavy goods, which basically include lifting mechanism, operation mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism and metal suuporting structure. The general installation requirements are as the following:

1. Before installation, operators should fully grasp the properties and characteristics of crane, and they should thoroughly understand the using order and installation method specified in the specification and strictly abide it.

2. During installation, users should pay attention to the change of wind speed, and the wind speed must meet the design requirements that should not exceed 13 meters per second. The connection among all components should be correct and reliable.

3. Users should obey unified command, and they should observe and monitor the installation process carefully to avoid failures and accident.

4. It is necessary to comply with the use and installation requirements of wire rope, which can not be bent, broken or exposed to the open air. The components must be installed strictly in accordance with the design requirements, and they can not cancel, substitute or add any modification, and any revise should directed by professional technical personnel.

5. After installation, users must conscientiously undergo strict inspection. Before lifting, users should check the lifting equipment, hoisting rigging and other key parts of crane.

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