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The Importance of Overhead Bridge Crane

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Bridge crane for sale is generally composed by traveling mechanism, lifting trolley, electrical equipment, car running institutions and driver’s cab. From the outside appearance, overhead crane bridge looks like a single span bridge that supported in two overhead parallel tracks. The lifting mechanism is mainly responsible for vertical lifting, and horizontal lifting is mainly achieved by the movement of trolleys. The bridge frame and H tracks are the main running mechanism of 3 ton bridge crane of Hengyuan Group.  

Ton bridge crane is a kind of rail mounted crane, which has most widely application in modern lifting involved projects. The rated lifting weight of single girder overhead crane varies from several tons to several hundred tons, and it is the most basic form of universal hook bridge crane, and other forms cranes are basically designed based on the main structure of single girder bridge crane.

The electric overhead crane runs along the H tracks, which can make full use of space below the bridge at most, which will not be obstructed by ground equipment or other obstacles. As a famous overhead crane manufacturer, Hengyuan Group offers LD single girder bridge crane, LX suspension overhead crane, LH double girder overhead crane and other types of special bridge cranes for sale. By now, our crane has been sent to worldwide countries, such as Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan, Italy, America and so on. If you are looking for further information, welcome to contact us at any time for a free inquiry. 

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