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The Harm of Tilt-hanging of the Electric Hoist

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1. When the hoist tilt hanging in the air, the load must be swing, causing centripetal force, increase the load of the machine.

2. When the trolley traveling in orbit, open gear on both sides and rail have a different friction strength, causing a off-balance tooth mesh, both sides of the wheel pressure become asymmetry, dangling phenomenon appears for trolley wheels, which will reduce its service life.

3. When inclined condole appears, between wire rope and the rope guide generate a lateral extrusion. Under the action of the force, leading a displacement of guide line, leading the displacement of the screw drive the limiter, makes the ceiling running in advance or delay action.

4. Due to the slanting action causing a side pressure between the wire rope and the guide rope device, which increase the friction and extrusion deformation of the wire rope. After the rope guide got damage, easy to make the wire rope taken off from the groove, which reduce its service life.

5. When the tilt hanging load is in the air, must causing a swing. When the oscillation amplitude is severe, sling chain or wire rope sling rope section will be at risk causing a repeatedly sliding phenomenon on the hook.


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