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The Features of Portal Crane for Sale

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Portal crane for sale is a widely used lifting device that has high performance and multi functions, which has been used in the port, wharf and freight station. The port crane can be used to transport debris or bulk cargo, and it is mainly engaged in material loading and unloading. The hook is a very important part of portal cranes, which can also play a grab bucket function, and it is very flexible at work.

Port cranes have a long arm frame, which can be used for the movement of goods, and it also has high operation efficiency. It can have 360 degree rotation, and the operation process is very stable and reliable. Owing to its powerful function and stable performance, port cranes for sale have been widely used at the port, harbour, wharf and so on.

Manufacturers tell everyone that it can be generally used for carrying groceries or bulk handling operations. It is a kind of mechanical equipment with high performance and excellent function. Fixed port crane is frequently used in the port that has a heavy workload, which can carry out various operations and complete a series of work continuously. Users can also select the appropriate configuration according to their own needs. Hengyuan portal crane for sale has novel structure, smooth running, simple operation and low failure rate. Come and visit us at any time if you are interested in our machine.

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