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The Empty Test Running and Maintenance Items of Double Speed Winch

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In general, the winch need to be tested and maintained timely to undergo smooth operation before and after operation. With rich winch production experience, we will analyze the basic test and maintenance items of winch as listed:  

1. Before test running, operators must confirm the lubrication condition and cleanliness of the reducer, and then they should start the machine to check whether they can work well or not. Users should test the winch when these items are in normal condition.

2. Empty run the machine for 30 minutes, and the whole machine should meet the following requirements. First, the winch should be under normal operation with no impact noises. Second, each part of winch has got enough lubrication and has no leakage phenomenon. Third, the maximum temperature of the winch shall not exceed 80 degrees, and the maximum temperature rise of winch shall not more than 60 degrees. There is no loosening parts in the whole machine. Then, the speed regulating handle should be flexible with no stuck phenomenon. At last, the brakes should be flexible and reliable to guarantee safe operation.

3. The driver must maintain carefully on every part of the winch, and remove all the dirt after work. The professional maintenance workers must periodically make a comprehensive inspection of the winch to prevent the occurrence of unnecessary failures and accidents, and they also should keep maintenance records. If the winch will not be used for a long time, users should take appropriate measures to protect it from corrosion or damage.

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