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The Development Trend of Tower Crane

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The year of 2010 ~ 2014 saw fastestgrowing period in China’s tower crane industry, and it soared to nearly 600 manufactures from more than 280 in these three years.It benefits from the 4.8 trillion investment effect. In 2013, as the effect fades away, growth in tower crane manufacturing industry had fallen sharply. In the next five years China's economic growth continues to slow which has become an indisputable fact.

We introduced foreign technology of tower crane to manufacture tower cranes on our own since last 1980s. Tower crane manufacture in China has great development in 30 years, but the technology improves little.
With the development of science and progress, tower crane products improve continuously. There are three trends in the change of tower crane:the first one is the medium tower (63 m ~ 500 t. t. m) to flat head,
 large movable arm; the second one is the improvement of the three institutions technical performance,especially the performance of the hoisting mechanism; the third one is that digital technology application in tower crane control system will continue to spread.

Hengyuan Crane developed its tower crane benefiting from the 4.8 trillion investment effect, and will improve its products according to the trend.


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