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The Characteristics of Electric Transfer Cart

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Low voltage rail electric transfer car is widely used in mechanical industry, metallurgy industry, manufacturing industry and internal transportation, and electric flat cart has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, large carrying capacity, smooth movement, low working noise, no pollution and simple maintenance. Heavy duty flat cart is characterized by short interruption interference, which is a new type of green environmental protection products.
The main advantages of industrial transfer cart:
1. Hengyuan battery transfer cart has smooth running, safe operation, simple and convenient maintenance.
2. Our rail transfer car adopts large capacity battery, which has longer service life.

3. Electric flat car can be installed in the old track without reforming, which can save lots of investment and time for users.
4. The electronic control system of our transfer cart for sale adopts advanced accelerator and large capacity battery.
5. The power system of rail flat cart uses the domestic leading brand, which has excellent anti overload performance and excellent power output.
6. It uses electromagnetic brake or mechanical wheel brake, which has good lock function and stable performance.
7. The color and pattern of rail electric flat car body can be painted with personal requirements. Hengyuan electric flat cart has double control mode, which is remote control and wire control.

Hengyuan group has rich electric transfer cart manufacturing experience, and please send us your detailed requirements at any time for a free quote if interested. 

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