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The Brief Introduction of Hengshan Gantry Crane

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Gantry crane is basically divided into single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane and semi gantry crane, which is a very helpful outdoor heavy product lifting and transferring equipment in modern society, and it saves lots of time and labor than traditional outdoor goods loading and unloading operations. To help our clients to be familiar with our gantry crane, we will introduce it as the following items:

1.The Model Expression of Gantry Crane

The model expression of gantry crane often consists of the code, the rated lifting capacity, span and the job level. Hengshang girder crane includes MH single girder gantry crane, MG double girder gantry crane and BMH semi girder crane.

2.The Composition and Usage of Gantry Crane

Gantry crane is often composed by cart running mechanism, trolley running mechanism, lifting mechanism, electric parts and crane span structure. The cart and trolley running mechanism is basically composed by reducer, motor and brakes, which ensures the operation safety of the whole crane. Nowadays, gantry crane has been applied to many fields, such as wharf, bridge, tunnel, mines, all kinds of factories and metallurgical industry.

3.The Advantages of Hengshan Gantry Crane

Gantry crane has the advantages of high utilization rate, large operation range, wide adaptability and versatility, which has been widely used in port yard with the booming of globalization in recent years. In addition, Hengshan gantry crane has much more favorable price than other crane manufacturers all over the world. Please contact us at any time to get a free quotation of your needed products. 

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