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The Basic Maintenance Tips of Electric Hoist

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Electric hoist is a small light lifting equipment, which is mainly used in low tonnage gantry cranes. Hengshan electric hoist has wide usage in small and medium-sized good lifting works because of its light weight, various forms, convenient operation and maintenance.

Electric hoist is often suspended on the gantry crane, and it has three operation modes, which are cab operation, handle operation and remote control. To avoid unnecessary losses and incidents, users must strengthen the daily inspection of electric hoist to ensure smooth production. If found the unsafe factors, users should stop the machine immediately and undergo timely maintenance.

The following items are the matters needing attention when using:

1. Before working, operators should empty run the hoist carefully, and they should also check the working environment and the equipment itself, such as the lifting appliance and the rope. It is not allowed to hang the hoist in the air after operation to prevent the hoist parts from permanent deformation. On the contrary, the empty hook should be hanging in the air to avoid empty hook landing so that the wire rope will be arranged under regular arrangement.

2. It is not allowed to lift the heavy cargo obliquely, and the electric hoist is not allowed to use as a drag tool because the oblique hanging and cable tension will enlarge the tension of the electric hoist.

3. Users should always check the rope roller device on the drum to ensure that the wire rope is pressed in order on the drum. In addition, operators should regularly replace the lubricating oil in the reducer to prolong the service life of electric hoist. 

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