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The Basic Composition and Operation Attention of Electric Transfer Cart

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Electric transfer cart is now more and more popular, which has a wide range of applications, such as steel transport, mold handling, spray paint room, sandblasting room transfer and the transfer of the ladle. Generally speaking, electric transfer cart is mainly composed of electric control system, transmission system, electric system, car body and wheel set. The electric control system of electric transfer cart mainly includes the matching transformer, rotary warning lamp, limit switching device and so on.

The driving device of electric transfer cart mainly consists of the reducer, belt wheel, motor and brake wheel. The transmission device is placed in the lower part of the electric transfer cart in order to facilitate its transmission.

The operation mechanism of electric transfer cart consists of a motor, brake, reducer, coupling, wheel sets and other components. The small frame structure consists of I-beam, channel steel and angle steel. Electric control equipment is composed of source box, switches, cable reel and other components.

The body of the electric transfer cart is a steel structure with a flat steel plate and a welded frame. The frame is made of steel, I-beam and steel plate.

What to pay attention to when running the electric transfer cart?

1. In the operation, users should run the cart uniformly, and it is not allowed to change the direction of the cart with fast speed.

2. In the operation, it is prohibited to undergo any maintenance and cleaning works.

3. Before operation, users must clear the obstacles on the track, and the electric lines and control switches should be safe and reliable.

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