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The Annual Tour

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This weekend welcomes our annual tour. The destinations are Weihai and Penglai in Shandong Province. We start at 5 pm   on 15th ,May and arrives at Weihai ,Shandong province after several hours of travelling. After a short rest, we go to the sea   and beach. The sky is blue with pieces of light clouds, sea gulls fly freely, and the sand beach which looks like a yellow carpet  is between us and the sea. Waves beat the shore.You cannot see another side of the sea which connects the sky. We lay on the  beach enjoying the touch of sunshine, go to the sea playing Canoes and take pictures with the sea. We have special foods in  fisherman's family. Next day we go to Penglai Island to visit some famous sites there. We all have a good time. We are  returning home with the memory of the sky ,the sea and the beach of Shandong Province.


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