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Test run after installation of the jib crane

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1. The pre-embedded bolts of the cantilever jib cranes are pre-buried at the user's site according to the drawings. The column can be installed after two weeks.
2. Stand up the column and note that the column must be vertical.
3. The electric hoist of the jib crane can be pre-mounted on the main beam and erected on the column together with the main beam, or it can be erected separately.
1. Travelling jib crane test: In the case of no load, turn on the power, start and check the control system and installation device of each running mechanism, all should be sensitive, accurate, safe and reliable before use.
2. Detection method of the jib crane:
a. Cantilever jib crane static load test:
After determining that the mechanism can operate normally, the lifting rated load (which can also be gradually increased to the rated load) starts the electric hoist to run back and forth in the main beam, and removes the load, so that the electric hoist stops at the end of the main beam and lifts 1.25 times the rated load. The load is increased from the ground to 100~200mm, and suspended for 10min for three times. After the third unloading, the parts of the crane shall be free from permanent deformation, cracks, paint peeling and loose damage that affects the performance and safety.
b. Static steel of the main beam of the jib crane (under deflection of the main beam):
After the static load test, move the electric hoist to one side, use the theodolite to find a reference point in the main beam span, then move the electric hoist to the end, lift the rated load 100~200mm from the ground, and test the main beam after hanging for 10min. Lower deflection.
c. Fixed jib crane carrying test, dynamic stiffness:
Lifting 1.1 times the rated load in the middle of the span, and simultaneously starting the electric hoist hoisting mechanism and the crane moving mechanism, repeating the action tests such as starting, forward rotation, stopping, reversing, etc., should last at least 1 hour. In 1h, 6 cycles are tentatively scheduled, each cycle time is 10min, including 6min parking for 4min. During the 4min action time, the lifting and moving mechanism are simultaneously lifted and lowered several times, and the lifting and lowering action once lifts the limiter once, and the falling time must not exceed 4m; the crane runs forward and backward several times, and the stroke does not exceed 15m. Do not reverse the brake. The parking time between the positive and negative joints shall not exceed 3s, and the parking time shall still be counted within 4 minutes of the action. Each mechanism should be flexible, stable and reliable, and check the reliability of the limit switch and the guarantee device.
3. Do not exceed the lifting capacity specified by the jib crane.
4. Do not hang items in the direction of the main beam.
5. The jib crane is not selected for use in media with fire hazards, explosion hazards and relative humidity greater than 85%, in corrosive gas-filled locations and for lifting molten metal and toxic, flammable and explosive materials.

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