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Technical Specification and Guidance for Crane Rail Installation

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Many overhead cranes are equipped with corresponding rails, which are generally made of steel. Track is also called the track joint. The length of the track is limited, and it needs to be connected in pairs. Its function is to facilitate the movement of the whole machine or the trolley.

The track joints need to be welded. If the crane rail is installed without welding, it may be dangerous during use. The bolt fastening is also essential.

Generally, in order to allow the crane or the crane trolley to smoothly slip when it encounters resistance through the track, we need to deal with the track joint.

Pay attention to the following aspects during installation:

1. Comply with relevant national standards.

2. Taking into account the influence of the thermal expansion and contraction of the steel rail, there needs to be a gap after welding, and the size should be controlled in the range of 15-18mm.

3. Pay attention to the order of welding. First, the bottom of the rail must be welded, then the rail waist, and finally the rail head.

4. Heat treatment is required after welding. The final step is to polish, to ensure that the track joints are consistent, smooth and tidy with the rail as a whole.

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