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Technical Advantages of Shipbuilding Semi-gantry Cranes

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The shipbuilding semi-portal crane has the characteristics of large lifting capacity, large span and large lifting height, and is specially used for large-scale hull section transportation, docking and overturning operations in the dock. The following mainly introduces the technical characteristics of shipbuilding semi-gantry cranes:

1. It has multiple functions such as single hoisting, turning in the air, and micro turning in the air.

2. The frame has two main beam types, single main beam type and double main beam type. In order to use materials reasonably, the main beam adopts an optimized design with variable cross-sections.

3. The upper trolley is equipped with double main hooks, which are respectively placed on the two outer sides of the main beam. The lower trolley is equipped with main and auxiliary hooks, which are placed under the center of the main beam. The upper and lower trolleys can cross each other for operations.

4. All working mechanisms adopt frequency conversion speed regulation.

5. The top surface of the main beam on the rigid outrigger side is equipped with a jib crane to complete the maintenance work of the upper and lower trolleys.

6. In order to prevent storms, safe and reliable rail clamps, ground anchors and other wind-proof devices are installed.


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