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Structure of overhead cranes

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The hoisting mechanism of electric hoist Overhead Crane is composed of reducer, drum unit, cone-shaped motor, hook configuration, fixed in the trolley shelf, The lifting motor is connected to the speed reducer by coupling and intermediate shaft, and the reel is installed in the middle of the main engine. The gear and gear shaft are made of high strength alloy steel. After heat treatment, they have high strength and good abrasion resistance and the transmission shaft is supported by rolling bearings.
The hoisting motor of electric overhead crane adopts a conical rotor brake motor composed of an electric motor and a brake. The electric motor works according to the principle of the brake rotor. When the motor is connected to electricity, the cone rotor generates axial sway, the brake is disengaged, and the motor runs normally. After the power is cut off, the rotor returns under the action of the spring force, and the brake wheel and the rear cover cover are tightly braked. The brake wheel also functions as a fan wheel, and the motor has good heat dissipation. The brake ring is made of rubber resin grease, which has good wear resistance, reliable braking, easy adjustment and convenient replacement.
Overhead trolley crane is generally composed of a lifting trolley, a bridge travelling mechanism and a bridge metal structure. The lifting trolley is composed of a lifting mechanism, a trolley running mechanism and a trolley frame. The hoisting mechanism includes an electric motor, a brake, a reducer, a reel, and a pulley block. The electric motor drives the reel through the reducer to rotate the reel, and the wire rope is wound around the reel or lowered from the reel to lift and lower the weight. The trolley frame of overhead metallurgy crane is a frame for supporting and installing components such as a hoisting mechanism and a trolley running mechanism, and is usually a welded structure. The crane operating mechanism generally uses only four active and driven wheels. If the lifting weight is large, the method of adding wheels is often used to reduce the wheel pressure. When the number of wheels exceeds four, the articulated equalization frame device must be used to evenly distribute the load of the crane on each wheel. The metal structure of the bridge frame consists of main beam and end beam, which are divided into two types: single main beam bridge frame and double girder bridge frame. The single main girder bridge frame consists of a single main beam and end beams on both sides of the span. The double girder bridge frame consists of two main beams and end beams.

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