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Solutions When the Launcher Girder Bridge Crane Fails

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When the launcher girder bridge crane fails, some emergency measures need to be taken to judge the cause of the accident first. The specific method is to perform several consecutive electric direction operations to observe whether the object is accelerating and falling. If the operating handle is still in a malfunctioning state after the operating handle is closed, it means that the bridge erector's machinery is malfunctioning. At this time, there are two situations, which should be treated differently.

1. The failure occurs in the crane operating mechanism or the trolley operating mechanism, and emergency methods for power outages need to be taken.

2. When the failure occurs in the elevator, the driver should pay attention to his personal safety, send out an emergency signal, and the staff on the ground should cooperate with the control so that the hook can land safely.

3. The launcher girder bridge crane has an electrical failure or a false malfunction. If it is an electrical fault, the power supply needs to be cut off. If it is an illusion failure, it needs to be carefully checked to make a judgment.


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