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Shipbuilding Gantry Crane

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Shipbuilding gantry cranes are likely to be involved in the construction, repair and maintenance in the shipyard. For instance
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  • 20 ton
  • 9m
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Shipbuilding gantry cranes are likely to be involved in the construction, repair and maintenance in the shipyard. For instance, Zhongji Group, Asia’s biggest shipbuilder has adopted HY cranes extensively with over 20 cranes, and we also offer tonnes of 10ton gantry cranes for sale that are used in various ship and submarine construction works.
MEC type ship to shore gantry crane mainly consists of the main beam, supporting legs, electric part, small and large car running mechanism and so on. This kind of crane is one of gantry crane with large hoisting capacity, multiple functions and high efficiency, dedicated to subsection transportation of large ship, butt jointing, and overturning on dock or slipway. If you want to know more about us, please check the about us page for more info or get a free quote.
Features and Advantages:

1. Both the upper trolley and the lower trolley can cross each other for operation.
2. All the lifting mechanism and traveling mechanism adopts frequency conversion speed.
3. On the top of the girder at the side of rigid leg is equipped a jib crane to accomplish maintenance of upper and lower trolley.
4. In order to prevent the storm attack, such safe and reliable anti-wind devices as rail clamp and ground anchor are equipped.
Safety Device:

1.Overload warning and limiter
2.Lifting height limit device
3.Voltage lower protection function
4.Phase sequence protection function
5. Emergency stop function
6. Hooks with latch
7. Rubber buffers

Shipbuilding Gantry Crane Main Parts


Product specification
250t×60m 300t×108m 600t×60m
Working class
Capacity Common lifting t 250 200 600

Turning over t 200 200 400
Span m 60 108 60
Hoisting height m 48 70 Above rail 40 Below rail 5
Upper trolley Capacity t 100×2 100×2 200×2

Hoisting speed m/min 0.5-5-10 0.5-5-10 0.4-4-8

Traveling speed
1~28.5 3~30 1~25
Lower trolley Capacity Main hook t 100 150 300

Sub hook
20 20 32

Hoisting speed Main hook m/min 0.5-5-10 0.5-5-10 0.4-4-8

Sub hook
10 10 10

Traveling speed
1~26.5 3~30 1~25
Maintenance hoist Capacity t 5 5 5

Hoisting speed m/min 8 8 8

Trolley speed
20 20 20

Rotating speed r/min 0.9 0.9 0.9
Gantry speed m/min 1~26.5 3~30 1~25
Max. wheel load kN 200 450 430
Power source
3-phase A.C 380V 50HZ (As your demand)

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