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Hengyuan Group is a leading lifting equipment manufacturing pioneer in China, which has strong technical background, professional resources and rapid response to customer demand. We aim to provide sincere service to every customer, and we are very confident that we can provide powerful guarantee for the efficient operation of our equipment.

We promise one year gurantee after-sales, and we are ready to help our customers solve every problems by all ways, such as installation problems, abnormal operation breakdowns and so on. In addition, we can provide professional operation guidance for customers that have little experience in operating our lifting equipment in a short time.
24 Hours Service Online
Hengyuan Group offers 24 hours customer service online, and all your questions will be timely answered and solved within 24 hours.
In addition, one can also leave us a message if they want to get a free product inquiry at any time.
Professional Guidance

We have many professional engineers and installation personnel be on call at any time. We can send them to help customers install the equipment if necessary, which can grealty improve the production efficiency with least investment.

Regular Maintenance Direct

We offer customized maintenance plan, and carry out regular inspection and cleaning machine components, security testing, operation of lubrication, which can ensure the crane keep running in accordance with the technical specifications.
Emergency Contact

Hot Service Line: 0086 0373 3021199
Our E-mail: sales@hycranecn.com

Fax: 86-373-3032158
Contact us by the listed contact info at any time if there is anything wrong in the working process. 

Contact us

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  • Jul
    Great Cooperation with the Nepal Steel Plant

    Two months ago, one client, Mr. David from Nepal contacted the Hengyuan Crane, who was introduced by one of our previous clients. He would like to purchase some crane for his steel plant.

  • Jun
    Jib Crane

    Jib crane is composed of column, slewing arm, slewing drive device and DC series loop chain electric hoist. The lower end of the column is generally fixed on the concrete foundation through anchor bolts.